Go: The Game of Life

About Us

Peter and Sheila Wendes have 30 years wide-ranging experience in education and training, from mainstream state, adult education, secure assessment centre, pupil referral unit, nursery, further education, special schools and home tuition.

They began promoting the strategy game of Go five years ago after their experimental Hampshire Go Project, funded by the European Go Federation and Japan 2001 proved such a success. They have been full-time, freelance Go trainers since January 2003.

In November 2005 they were invited to tour Japan, using Go with different groups of people to encourage interaction and understanding, with Yasutoshi Yasuda, a professional Go player, and author of ‘Go As Communication’. Their work in the UK had developed very similarly and in parallel, and they were pleased to find a great deal of common ground for this powerful tool for learning and connecting people.

They run frequent events for The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth, Local Education Authorities, Museums (The British Museum, The Imperial War Museum, The Museum of Childhood, The V&A, and many regional ones). They provide seminars for professional groups, such as the Mathematical Association, and Management Training for clients including IBM UK, Wessex Business Link, Yellow Submarine, Toyota, and Go MAD Thinking Skills), travelling throughout the UK and abroad.

Peter has been meeting with Charles Clarke since he was Secretary of State for Education about raising the awareness of Mind Sports across the curriculum, and now, as Home Secretary, promoting mind sports within a wider arena. He asserts, ‘The case for mind sports is self-evident’. There is growing cross party support for this.

Sheila is an artist, and also works with families in crisis.

They live in Hampshire and have three grown up children.

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