Go: The Game of Life

Some Go-related Links

General information about Go

British Go Association

Sensei's Library
The Wiki Wiki Web site about Go

Go and Buddhism

Introductions to Go

Tel's Go Notes
An introduction to the rules and tactics of Go, written for beginners

Introduction to the game of Go

The Interactive Way To Go
An interactive web site, with many Go problems

Getting Started with Go!
The BBC's introduction to the game.

Other introductory Go teachers

GO for All
Promoting Go throughout Canada

Where you can play Go

Future Go Events in the UK

The Kiseido Go Server
The most popular Go server among English-speaking players

The UK Go Challenge
Played each summer in U.K. schools

News items about Go

Go - The game to beat all games
Economist article

'Samurai Session' at the University of Leicester
Leicester University press release

Technical articles about Go

"training for thinking, learning, creativity and success"

Learning from the stones (PDF document)
A Go Approach to Mastering China's Strategic Concept, Shi
by David Lai

Go for It
Case study incl LEA inspection report
by France Ellul

The Go Getters (Word document)
by France Ellul

University of Leicester, Access Agreement (PDF document)
See item 28, at top of page 5.


Saving Bletchley Park
The codebreaking centre that helped to win the Second World War and launch the modern computer is in danger of irreparable decay unless the Government steps in to save it.

UK-Japan Exchange
UK-Japan cultural and friendship exchange

Go MAD Thinking
Business research and consulting group

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